Momento para Dançar


Mr. Brown, the famous cruise animator that traveled around the world and managed to put thousands of people dancing, is back in Forum Madeira to challenge everyone to show their moves during “Moment to Dance”.

Every Tuesday and Thursday of September, Central Square will become a dance floor, where new dance steps for different styles will be experienced. These daily approaches to different rhythms will culminate in an All Dances Day.

Animation, joy and dancing in simple steps, so everyone, young and senior people, family, friends and tourists, can join, exercising bodies and healing souls, during late afternoon.


Daily program:

1 – Salsa, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata & Reggae

3 – West coast swing, rock, Jive & Boogie

8 – Mambo, Disco, Macarena, Country & Soul

10 – Tarantella, Mazurka, Polka & Italian Waltz

15 – Slowfox, Rumba, Bolero and Waltz

17 – Semba and Kizomba

22 – Cumbia & Tango

24 – Samba, Pagoda, Gafieira, Funk & Forro

29 – All Dances day