The purpose of this present regulation is to regulate the conditions of entry of dogs and cats into the Madeira Forum Shopping Centre and the obligations to which their owners and/or guardians are subject to. Henceforth, dogs and cats will be referred to as animals.

Only dogs and cats are allowed and no other animals may enter.
Animals, accompanied by their owners, may enter the Shopping Centre through any of the entrances.
In addition to the requirements set out in this rule, the owners and/or guardians of the animals will be responsible for complying with the legislation in force regarding pets, in accordance with Law no. 15/2018, of 17th March.

Each customer may be accompanied during the visit to the Shopping Centre by a maximum of 2 (two) animals.
The circulation of animals is only allowed in the common areas of the Shopping Centre (corridors between shops, Central Square, Hanging Garden, car park and car park accesses to the Shopping Centre), expressly excluding meal areas, and shops (except those with specific signs allowing the entry of animals), baby changing rooms, children’s toilet, ladies and men’s toilets.
Access between floors may be made by lift or stairs. Only one animal at a time may circulate in the lifts, except when the animals are accompanied by the same guardian (who may be accompanied by a maximum of 2 animals). Movement on the escalators is also forbidden, with the exception of animals carried on your lap or in an appropriate carrier.
Animals must always circulate under the supervision of their owners, using a non-extendable leash that ensures a distance of no more than 1 metre from the owner (and muzzle when necessary and in accordance with the legislation in force), or in trolleys or bags suitable for transporting them.
The breeds considered as potentially dangerous and those resulting from their crossbreeding, under the terms of the legislation in force, namely and among others, Cão da Fila Brasileiro, Dogue Argentino, Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiller, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tosa Inu, besides the non-extendable leash and with a length not exceeding 1 meter, have the mandatory use of muzzle.
Cats must be carried on an appropriate carrier or leash.
Satisfying the physiological needs of animals inside the Shopping Centre is strictly forbidden and, if it happens, the owner/guardian should immediately clean the waste and, afterwards, inform the Shopping Centre services, so that they can proceed to a complementary cleaning of the place.

Animals visibly debilitated, ill or that do not present the appropriate hygiene conditions are not allowed into the Shopping Centre.
Animals in heat are not allowed in the Shopping Centre.
Visibly or potentially aggressive animals are not allowed into the Shopping Centre.
Forum Madeira Shopping Centre reserves the right to refuse entry to animals that represent a risk or present characteristics that jeopardise the normal operation of the Shopping Centre, as well as the comfort and safety of clients, tenants, staff and other animals.
The Madeira Forum Shopping Centre, in situations it deems pertinent, reserves the right to ask the animal’s tutor to put a muzzle and leash on the animal during the visit.
According to decree-law no. 74/2007, March 27, these exclusions do not apply to assistance dogs, and they are allowed to enter all areas of the Madeira Forum Shopping Centre.

During the course of the animal’s visit to the Shopping Centre, the same may be expelled at any time, in case of non-compliance with any of the requirements of this regulation.
The Madeira Forum Shopping Centre also reserves the right to immediately expel from the interior of the Shopping Centre any animals that disturb or threaten the safety and wellbeing of the clients, both due to behavioural, noise and hygiene issues.

The owner and/or person responsible for the animal will be the only and exclusive responsible for the fulfilment of all the legislation concerning pets, namely in what concerns registration, vaccination and insurance.
The owner and/or person responsible for the animal will be the sole and exclusive responsible for any damage caused by the animal, either to the space where it circulates, or to the Shopping Centre shops, or to the customers and their property.
Such responsibility shall in no case be transferred to the Forum Madeira Shopping Centre or to the companies involved, nor may it be concluded from any article of the present regulations that this responsibility may be transferred.
Should any doubtful situations be verified, either in terms of the behaviour of the animal or the behaviour of the person responsible/owner of the animal, the Madeira Forum Shopping Centre may, at any time, demand the exit of the animal from the Shopping Centre.

The entry of the client accompanied by a pet into the Shopping Centre implies the full acceptance of this regulation, as well as the criteria of the Forum Madeira Shopping Centre regarding the resolution of any issue arising from this regulation.