Gift Card

The Gift Card can be acquired at the Information Desk and gives you all the freedom to make you shopping. See here the General Use Conditions. Temporarily Unavailable

Baby Meal Chairs

So that your baby enjoys its meal in comfort, take one of the baby chairs in the restaurant area.


Choose your mailbox (blue or normal), deposit your mail and enjoy your shopping moments. We also have stamps and pre-franked envelopes. Ask for them at the Information Desk on the 1st Floor.

Family Toilets

For you and your children’s comfort and convenience, use one of the family toilets whenever you need (Level 0).

Park & Go card

Park and shop at Forum Madeira became even easier and more convenient. Purchase your Park & Go card at the Parking, load and park without coins and with discounts up to 20%. You can also see your balance at any time.

First Aid Post

If necessary, go to our first aid post at the Information Desk on level 1.


For a calmer and more pleasant visit to Forum Madeira for both you and your baby, ask for one of the pushchairs at the Information Desk on level 1.


At Forum Madeira you can charge your electric vehicle with good energies, at our charging points located on Level -1, while you calmy enjoy what Forum Madeira has to offer.

Customer Service

Someone is available full-time in Forum Madeira to help you and give you information. Simply go to the Information Desk on Level 1.


Forum Madeira has a bicycle service, where costumers can wnjoy a one-hour ride along the Estrada Monumental bike path. For more information, go to the Information Desk on level 1.

Disabled Facilities

To enjoy your visit to Forum Madeira without mobility problems, use our special equipment for the disabled, available at the Information Desk on level 1.

MMM Ticket

The MMM Ticket is a service of selling tickets for shows, events and other products or services on the net asset Ticketline. For more information, go to the Information Desk on level 1.

Diaper Changing Room

For your baby’s wellbeing and comfort, use our diaper changing facilities whenever you need (Level 0).

Battery Container

You can deliver empty battery for recycling (Level -1).

Only Wash

Come to Forum Madeira pamper yourself, we take care of your car! Now, every time you come to Forum Madeira, you can leave your car in auto wash while you go for a walk. This is one more reason to visit us more often (Level -1).

Wi-Fi System

You can use the Wi-Fi System to access internet on 3 floors.

Rest Areas

For your comfort and relaxation, rest areas are located on the 2nd floor, our sofas.

Other Services

800 covered parking spaces.


Funnylândia is a space for children birthday parties. For more information go to the Information Desk on level 1.