Customer Service

If you need help finding out about shop locations, lost / found, transport information or other general information, our Information Desk team will be happy to help you. You can also call 291 706 825 to answer your questions.

Rest Areas

For your comfort and relaxation, there are rest areas located on floors 0 and 2.

Regional Show Tickets

On level 0, at the Information Desk, we have tickets for several regional shows on sale.


Did you forget your mobile phone at home? Don’t worry! On level 2, we have phone boxes to call those in need.

Meal Corner

In the Meal Corner space, there are high chairs for meals, a microwave to heat food and a bottle warmer.


At Forum Madeira, we also have pushchairs available, so that you can move around more freely with your little one. You can request a pram at the Information Desk.

Family Toilets

To make the family experience more comfortable, you can use the family bathroom available on level 0.

Shop Guide

On each floor of Forum Madeira, you may be guided through our digital directories to find your favourite shops or services.

Breastfeeding Area

Forum Madeira also has a nursing area so that mums can breastfeed their babies in peace and quiet. This space is located in the baby changing area on level 0.


800 covered parking spaces.


On level 0, we have a nappy changing room so that you can change your baby’s nappy with peace of mind and comfort.

Help Point

Next to the toilets, on level 0 and 2, you will find a Help Point. If you need help, just touch the button. There will always be someone available to help you.


On floor -1, there is a car wash service. Leave your car to be washed while you do your shopping or enjoy a meal. Come out shining!

Disabled Facilities

To make it easier for everyone to move around, we have wheelchairs available, which can be requested free of charge at the Information Desk on Level 0.


Throughout Forum Madeira, there are various terminals for making your withdrawals and payments.

Pet Friendley

Pups are welcome at Forum Madeira. The use of a leash is compulsory and animals are only allowed in the common areas.


To ensure that your children can play, Forum Madeira have a space totally dedicated to the little ones, on level 0.

Battery Container

You can deposit used batteries for recycling on floor -1.

Porto Santo Line

You can purchase your tickets at the Information Desk on Level 0.

First Aid Post

In case of need, please go to our first aid station at the Information Desk on Level 0.


If you have an electric vehicle, then make the most of your visits to Forum Madeira to charge it with good energy, at the charging points available on Floor -1.


Do you like to be always ON? At Forum Madeira Wi-Fi is free throughout the shopping centre, through the ‘Forum Madeira free WiFi’ network.

Yellow Bus

You can purchase your tickets at the Information Desk on Level 0.


Running out of battery on your mobile phone at Forum Madeira is not a problem as there is an area where you can charge it whenever necessary. Just go to Level 0, next to the Information Desk.